How Long Does It Take to Learn to Windsurf?

How long does it take to learn to windsurf is one of the most common questions from beginners who want to learn to windsurf. It usually goes hand-in- hand with “How hard is to windsurf?” and “What is the best beginner’s windsurfing board?

What does it mean to really “learn” to windsurf anyway? Are you planning on being a casual rider? Or do you want to jump into any body of water, be able to use any board, and just go?

If you want to really “learn” to windsurf, it is going to take a minimum of a few years. Many people opt for windsurfing on the weekend and this is a good idea since the back-to-back days of experience really helps. Although, sometimes the wind is not in your favor.


However, let’s say you’re not trying to be that good at windsurfing. You just want to learn the basics of windsurfing. If you’re in Florida, where the winds are just right all the time, sailing every day for a few hours, you can pick up the basics in a week. To be a confident rider, it will take you about two weeks. This is assuming favorable conditions, of course.

Just be warned: going from a beginner windsurfer to a hardened veteran who can handle waves and strong winds is going to be many times more effort. In order to sail on waves and stronger winds with some degree of competency without flailing around in the water or getting frustrated, I would say another 6 months of consistent, committed practice.

How you really get good at windsurfing is to spend as much time as you can in the water. I would say that the learning curve for windsurfing is quite steep, and if you’re not practicing consistently, you will not improve. It takes commitment.

So get yourself a beginner’s board, check out the best spots, and enroll yourself in some lessons.